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NEW Safety and Environmental packages for Warehousing and Distribution.

Designed with the Warehousing and Distribution sector in mind, PAVY Ltd are pleased to introduce new Safety and Environmental packages.

Warehouse Safety

Warehouses employers are required to put the appropriate health and safety measures in place to reduce risk of injury from slips and trips, manual handling, working at height, vehicles in and around the warehouse, and  from moving or falling objects.

PAVY Ltd offer a range of services, including racking inspections, to ensure your warehousing conforms to current health and safety regulations.

Warehouse Safety Bulletin » Download PDF

Energy Efficiency in Warehousing & Distribution

The logistics sector is increasingly looking to reduce fuel and energy costs, as well as minimise waste packaging. PAVY Ltd can help you to optimise the environmental performance of your warehousing and distribution organisation by the implementation of an ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

Warehousing & Distribution Environmental Bulletin » Download PDF


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